Catholic Answers Live Interview Link

If anyone is interested, my recent interview with Catholic Answers Live is available now for streaming and download.  You can find it here:

Interview Link


7 thoughts on “Catholic Answers Live Interview Link

  1. I’ve been checking Catholic Answers every day since Friday to hear you. You did a fantastic job: articulate and light-hearted, and very clearly representing the gift that the Church is to those with same-sex attraction. Having enjoyed your company at the conference this summer I can vouch for the fact that you did not fabricate that story about getting the award for the best personality. Anyone who thinks you must be sad all the time does need to sit down for a beer with you sometime. Clearly the Holy Spirit has orchestrated the details of your life so that you are now in the position to serve as a sorely-needed joyful witness “for such a time as this.”

    • Mary, thanks for the comment! Am I correct in thinking that you’re the Mary in Cleveland? I’m happy to come down and speak with some of the priests sometime, (hopefully over a beer.) 🙂

      All people need to do to know that the Church’s teachings lead to a deep joy, even amidst the difficulty of pursuing chastity, is to meet the men and women who once lived outside the guidelines of the God’s plan for humanity, and then through His grace, were led back. There is joy, and happiness which of course people can’t quite believe. But our enjoyment of life is the best witness to the falsehood of this assumption.

      God bless, and thanks for stopping by!

      • Yep, that would be me. Sorry about the long delay on my reply. Hope those priests take you up on your kind offer one day. They would learn so much from you, plus they’d have a great time!

  2. I listened to you on Catholic Answers. I think the show was amazing. I am not suffering a same sex attraction, but I know some who are. I just loved how you explained everything on the show! I think you are a wonderful person, and a role model for people with the same feelings. I admire your strength and wish you the best. Thankyou for being on Catholic answers it was heartwarming to know you can be happy without giving in to sin. I hope and pray more people will follow your lead.

  3. I “met” you via the podcast and feel myself blessed. Since I was a teenager, I have been advocating the position that those with SSA have been given an especially heavy cross to bear and that they are called to chastity in a unique way. As a 38 year-old married woman, my voice has never carried much weight. Yours, however, does. I am so happy to have someone so intelligent and articulate to whom I can now refer people. You will be in my prayers.

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