Bigotry, Homosexuality and Christianity

Last Sunday, I presented a talk to a group of teenagers in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  These kids are on fire for their Catholic faith and were very interested in what I shared with them about my experience and the good news of the Catholic Church on sexuality–even if that good news seems like bad news to most of the world.

At the end of the talk, there was a chance for them to write questions for me on a 3 X 5 index cards.  One theme that came through was surprising to me.  Many of them asked me how to answer the accusations of bigotry when they try to defend the Catholic view on homosexuality.  It became clear that these kids are being labeled bigots by their classmates, and this breaks my heart.  Of course, it’s impossible to prove a negative, and so the accusation is more diatribe and intimidation than anything, but even so, I think these young students need to be prepared with a cogent answer.  My answer to them was to focus on the nobility of sexuality, in the broader spectrum, and move the conversation away from homosexuality in particular.  It is only in light of the sacred nature of sexuality that the Catholic and traditional Christian view on homosexuality can even make sense at all.

Here are three videos which I think speak eloquently about the nobility of sexuality, and why Catholics and other Christians treat it as something sacred.

In my mind, this video by Fr. Robert Barron is the most pithy apology on behalf of Catholic sexuality I’ve ever seen.


This video, also by Fr. Barron speaks about the reasons why the Catholic Church takes the view it does on sexuality.

This final video from the Protestant evangelist Ravi Zacharias speaks quite succinctly about why Christianity has always held sexuality in high esteem.  (As an aside, and as a Catholic, naturally it saddens me knowing how many of our priests have misused their authority and abused those they were called to shepherd.  Kyrie elieson.)


6 thoughts on “Bigotry, Homosexuality and Christianity

  1. Brilliant post! And thank you for including the videos. It makes perfect sense to discuss sexuality and its proper expression and not just focus on homosexuality. Because it’s not the person with same sex attraction that the church is against any more than it would be against a married man who is attracted to women other than his wife. It has to do with the proper expression of sexuality. I liked how Fr. Baron explained about the context of love. I wish I was that eloquent. It seems like people always misunderstand me.

    Thank you for your blog posts. They’re always well written and helpful! 🙂

    • Thanks for the comments, and for stopping by. Fr. Barron really helps make sense of things for me so often–just like the Catholic Church always makes sense, once I dig deeper to understand why She says what She says. The line the Fr. Barron uses about the Church’s teaching being one big “Yes” with some “Nos” comes from Blessed JPII, by the way.

  2. Ok, so I’m taken with the part of your post that says “Fort Wayne, Indiana.” Zowie! I somehow have the (very) misguided notion that I’m yet the only gay man in Indiana (shh, don’t tell my husband) and certainly the only WordPress blogger in the state. You set me straight on both counts with that passing reference to place.

  3. In your final video, the Evangelical Minister speaks the truth of human sexuality being a very Sacred act. I have had more than one Catholic Priest tell me to “fall in love” with a man and live a happy union together.

    Some friends of mine have been told by Catholic Priests that it is permissible within the Roman Catholic faith to live a monogamous sexual union with another man.

    From what I have experienced in conversation with many “”Gay” men is that these “monogamous” unions only relate to the couples loyalty of “their attachment” to one another as best friends. But, their sex life is one of promiscuity with many other men.

    Where did these Priests go to seminary? Obviously they are voicing their personal opinion and not the 2000 year time tested teaching of our solid Roman Catholic Faith.

    Love is a product of being obedient to the Commandments of Our Lord and not telling someone “anything goes” in relation to sexual immorality. Do these Priests realize or remember the “Last 4 things?”. Are they aware that they are leading more and more ignorant penitents onto the road to perdition? Do they realize the will be held accountable for these actions of leading more and more into grave mortal sin? A priest is ordained to be obedient to the Orthodox teachings of our faith, not their personal ill-informed opinion.

    Maybe Fr. Guido Sarducci said it best in relation to theology in the 60’s and 70’s, ” It’s a combination of Roman Catholic and Disney Philosophies” and can I add to this the sexual revolution and all it’s moral errors of the 60’s and 70’s.

    • Can I add one thing to what I wrote above? I am sure these Priests that misguide Homosexual men and women are attempting to be compassionate and Merciful. The definition of Mercy is “Love that seeks to lessen the misery of others” (not to increase this misery). But misleading penitents to an unholy union only leads the penitent to a life of more misery that lacks any true mercy. This may offend many Priests, but do they realize how deeply they are offending God. Chastity may not be won overnight, but encouraging chastity and not a “quick fix to immorality” is the road to true Mercy. I may have found this link on your blog, but if I did, It may be worth re-posting.

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