“What if straight was gay and gay was straight”

Here’s a recently uploaded video on YouTube that one of my friends on Facebook linked to today.  It’s a rather sentimentalist attempt at engendering empathy, which comes from a desire to love and to understand.  About the only positive comment I can make about this film is that it does reveal how some people may have felt when they discovered that they were living with same sex attraction in a world in which being a “fag” was inconceivable, or to “be gay” is considered a fate worse than death.  (How much does that really happen today, however?  I think much of that is in the past, which I think is a legitimate good that came out of Stonewall and the gay rights movement–both good and bad has come out of the movement, in my mind.)  No doubt too many children have awoken to the realization that they are attracted to members of the same sex, and that awareness leads to tremendous inner turmoil, and the film tries to show this, albeit in a very caricatured way.  The Church certainly needs to minister to the pain of these boys and girls in a more concrete way, but this sort of video I think is absurd, and ultimately doesn’t really help anyone, except to allow the persons who promote it on Facebook and elsewhere to feel a sense of self satisfaction about their own enlightened open mindedness.

Of course, where the film becomes absurd is when one asks the obvious question: where did everyone in the movie come from?  Storks? Or has the world of this silly video always been “A Brave New World” in which children are created in Hatcheries?  It’s sentimental drivel, resulting from a Glee-ified world.


6 thoughts on ““What if straight was gay and gay was straight”

  1. I could only watch 3 minutes, 40 seconds of this nightmare world. It seems to be the future homosexualists are trying to engineer and impose. Yecch!

  2. They answer the question of how the children arrive in the video. I agree with your position, but please do yourself the favor of watching the whole video before writing a blog post on it. Otherwise you’ll come across as ignorant and bigoted, which is the last thing we need in our cause. God bless!

    • I watched enough to hear the female “priest” talk about “the breeding season,” but then after reading your reply, I wondered if there was more to it than that. It seems that the only reference to where children come from is referenced by “the breeding season.” I’m not sure exactly what that might mean in a society where “breeder’ is a pejorative. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I’m not too worried about being perceived as bigoted or ignorant, incidentally, since plenty of people have accused me of that already. Both of those labels are really just an ad hominem attack on a person. The Church is viewed as bigoted and ignorant, so I figure I’ll be in good company when I’m labeled that. But your point is a good one: watch an entire video you blog about. I found it quite disturbing however, so I turned it off about half way through.

      • It really was quite disturbing. It cast a dark shadow over my whole day, actually. I don’t blame you. Just putting that out there 🙂 Thanks for your response!

  3. I think it’s trying to get you to see what it’s like being seen as abnormal. But it’s disturbing because we’re already in that world where we’ve discovered a higher form of love and if you believe that procreation is precious you’re despised as a ‘baby-making machine’.

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