An Essay at Crisis Magazine

Here’s my latest essay, published today at Crisis Magazine.

I speak there of Shasta, the young boy in C. S. Lewis’s The Horse and His Boy who lives under the mistaken belief that he is a citizen of Calormen, but really is the son of the King of Archenland. I use this concept as a springboard for the mistaken sexual identities that exist in our world today.

If you haven’t read The Horse and His Boy yet, it’s a darn good yarn.


3 thoughts on “An Essay at Crisis Magazine

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  2. Since I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this “gayness” issue, its sad roots in the lack of love people feel and their perception that a political expression is the only one, and the harm all this will cause — and since The Horse and His Boy is one of my very favorite stories, I was delighted to see your essay over at Crisis.
    A deep and loving analysis — thank you!

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