Joyful Pilgrims

I’m very pleased and excited to announce the unveiling of a new collaborative blog, called Joyful Pilgrims. This has been in development for a couple of months now, and I’m one of three editors of the blog. It will feature men and women who live with same sex attraction who have come to embrace the Church’s teaching about homosexuality as the path to peace, fulfillment and happiness.

We’re still tweaking things a bit, but please go check it out. I think much of my blogging activity will be focused for the immediate future on Joyful Pilgrims.

Here’s a screen shot of the blog:



4 thoughts on “Joyful Pilgrims

  1. Cool website – I’ve been on my journey about a year; Helen isn’t my real name, but, I am a confessional/orthodox Lutheran and suffice it to say the synod (LCMS) is woefully behind on any ministry to suffering SSA people. Thankfully Fr. “Smith” has been sympathetic and my journey is a ministry to him as well. Pax Christi to you 🙂 A joyful pilgrim and follower of your blog,


  2. The new blog looked great when I looked at if few days ago, but now I can’t access it. Is it coming back? Technical difficulties perhaps?

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