Reflections On My Week

I have a thousand thoughts whirling through my head after this week. After Wichita, I came back home, and then spoke at a conference in Ann Arbor where I shared my story and the good news of the Church’s teaching on homosexuality to a mixed age audience of over 200 people.

As I think back on this week, all I really want to do is to do another week like this all over again. The first question that I received from the kids in Wichita on the second day was a kind question: how do I find the strength and courage to get up in front of a gymnasium full of high school kids talking about parts of my life that I never wanted to talk publicly about.

I told them that when I received the schedule I saw that there was a Theology On Tap happening, so that I came for the beer. That got a little bit of a laugh, but as I reflect on the week, I realize it doesn’t take tons of “strength and courage” to do this, because I want to do it. Call me crazy, but this week has been immensely energizing and fulfilling for me, for one reason: the students who were sitting in those gyms living with an attraction to the same sex, like I might have been over 25 years ago. I want to go speak to those kids. Especially kids like the girl who thanked me for coming and told me that she had never before met a homosexual person who wants to be close to God and live a Catholic life, and that she was so glad she finally got to.

I want to go talk to every student like her! I can’t imagine a more fulfilling thing to do in this life.

As the kids say: YOLO.


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