From Some Old Journals

Not too long ago I stumbled upon a box containing old journals. They chronicled some tough times many years back, and it was illuminating for me to read them again. To revisit such things makes me aware of how far life has taken me.

One portion of the journal was dedicated to very rough ideas I had of things to write about. Here’s one of those ideas.

A naked man awakens, trapped in the brambles of a stark wilderness. It is his first conscious moment, and he looks around the barren land, touches the bleeding wounds on his body and asks simply, “WHY?”

In the desolate darkness, he sees a wealthy man riding near, coming towards him. The man dismounts, and walks near to the man in the brambles. He covers the man with his cloak, and is then naked himself. Suddenly, the first man sees that his wounds are healed. He gazes in wonder upon the wealthy man, who now bleeds in his stead.

I was the man in the brambles, many years ago, but there was no rescue in sight at the time. I was asking the cosmic, “why?” that I believe we all must ask at some point in our lives if we’re honest.

It is good news to know that rescue came indeed.


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