An Update

I’ve been away from my blog for quite awhile. Since the beginning of this year it seems that I’ve been going full tilt, with very little break. I seem to be giving a talk or presentation every two weeks and I’m realizing that this pace is taking its toll on me. I’m off to do a presentation to parents tonight at a Catholic High School, followed by a presentation to the high school students tomorrow morning. This is after two weeks of a lot of traveling for work, which included my first public conversation with someone from a different view of thought.

Please say some prayers for tonight and tomorrow, if you would. Also, I know I owe some correspondence to some folks. I’ll be able to catch up on emails next week during my spring break, which I’ll really be looking forward to.

If you want to read about the pseudo-debate I recently did, you can read about that at this link.

I hope to start writing with more frequency in mid April.



8 thoughts on “An Update

  1. Thanks for the update! You remain in my prayers, my friend. Thanks for working diligently on proclaiming the good news!

  2. Thanks for checking in. I have been thinking about you and praying for you a lot, especially during this Lent. As Terry Nelson mentioned in a comment, I too am “consoled” that you are on the front lines witnessing for “us,” the Church, the Truth. It can’t be easy to maintain in the midst of such sophistry – especially one that is getting all the more savvy with outreach and media efforts. Personally, I know I don’t have the heart or stamina. I pray that you find the rest and refreshment, and the support and the strength you need to continue. And if you need anything, please ask. Peace, my brother.

    • I appreciate the prayers, immensely! I’m definitely running the risk of burning out, so my spiritual director has wisely put a moratorium on speaking events for me for the time being, which I think is wise and prudent.I’m looking forward for awhile of being just Dan, not Catholic speaker Dan.

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