Life On The Rock Appearance

I flew down to Birmingham, AL last week to do a taping for EWTN’s television program Life On The Rock. The episode will air several times this weekend. I have to thank Dawn Eden for the recommendation to Fr. Mark, host of the show. Dawn is the author of two books I highly recommend: The Thrill of the Chaste, and My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints.

If you get EWTN, it will air at 8:00 Friday night, Saturday at 1:00 AM, and again Sunday at 11:00 PM. All times are eastern time.

While we’re talking media, I’ll be on the Teresa Tomeo Show at 9:40ish this Friday morning as well, and today I spent about 20 minutes today on the Al Kresta Show. That should show up in the archives there fairly soon, and I’ll pop it up on here when it does. Once the EWTN episode shows up on YouTube, I’ll link to it here too.

I had a great time down in Birmingham at EWTN, which included a fantastic visit to the Sister Servants Convent, where I was treated to a delicious lunch by the wonderful sisters there. I was able to sit next to their resident priest, a 97 year old Irishman, Father Lambert Greenan, OP. He’s a feisty and entertaining man, and he seemed happy to have a fresh set of ears to tell stories of his 30-plus years serving in the Vatican. These ears were happy to hear him!

Besides EWTN and the Sister Servants Convent, I made sure to make time to visit this shrine too.



8 thoughts on “Life On The Rock Appearance

      • I second that feeling that “can you remember a time you couldn’t speak English?” was a great analogy. It reminds me too that homosexuality is one of those things that you cannot really be objective about when you are in the midst of practicing it. Hard to explain but perhaps those who have been in it understand what I mean. I think more panel discussions of this type can help educate many regular Catholics, and assist them a bit in understanding homosexuality when it comes up in their co-workers, friends and family, and perhaps even themselves if they have not yet immersed themselves in the lifestyle.

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