Life On The Rock

My interview with Fr. Mark aired last night, and now it’s up on YouTube.


7 thoughts on “Life On The Rock

  1. Dan – you truly are a gift to the world – to the Church. You are so wonderfully articulate and clear and balanced. God bless you in your work. Thank you. I thank God for you and the gifts he has given you.

  2. Hi Dan! I saw you at first on the documentary of the Everlasting Hills- your faith is beautiful, thank you for sharing it- your yes to God does so much good. Thank you, please pray for us- the young people on college campuses and in college towns, that we can be good. Bless you always!

  3. If you drink of the Savior ‘ s wine only to inebriate yourself, you are nothing but a drunkard…..
    If you drink of the Savior ‘ s wine to inebriate your brethren with peace, love, mercy, joy and compassion…then you are a Saint!

    Old Acadian Proverb translated from Acadian French….

    Thank for inebriating us with you wisdom Dan!

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