The Nature Of Man

I’m happy to announce that I’ve been invited to be a blogger for Catholic Answers’ website My first installment is up today. This came from an article I wrote a few years ago for Catholic Answers Magazine on my conversion to the Catholic Church because of Her teachings on sexuality, and homosexuality in particular. I never planned or wanted to become Catholic, but my reason directed me there, and beauty, grace and forgiveness pulled me the rest of the way.

Here’s the link.


7 thoughts on “The Nature Of Man

  1. So glad you were able to get this article online. It’s probably my favorite item of all you have written to date (“Two Thomases”.) Now I will be able to send a quick link to people who may benefit from reading it.

    Allow this persistent thorn in your side to ask, yet again, if you have sent your personal thank you note and a copy of this article to Pope Emeritus Benedict yet??? If not, it’s time!

  2. Congratulations Dan – I am glad your writings are getting out there.

    FYI, I think there is a missing “is” in the second sentence of the last paragraph of your article on Here is how it currently appears:


  3. my quote didn’t make it into my last comment – here it is:
    As I think of Pope Benedict strolling the gardens of the Vatican in his retirement, praying for the world and the Church, I wish I could thank him for his ministry to the Church. As a man who lives with same-sex attraction and who has questioned who he much of his life, …

    • Apparently there are a couple of errors over there. Thanks for pointing it out to me. They took that from an internal document there, so I’m not sure how it got messed up, but I’ll look into it!

  4. The Apostolate of Courage…..IT’S ALL GRACE !!!!

    Your sins are gone!!!………..without a TRACE !!!! ……Grace, Love, Mercy

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