Chastity Is Won By God Alone

I have a new post up over at, gleaned here from my blog. I’m glad they allow posts from those of us who are “in process.” Just click on the photo below to take you to the article.



8 thoughts on “Chastity Is Won By God Alone

  1. Practicing chastity is so important for all of us even for those of us who are married. The truth is that we are all bombarded with lies about sex even married sex. And yes, chastity is won by God alone. He is the Lord of our lives – all different aspects of it. Only by giving Him reign over our sexual relationship within our marriage, have we been able to experience true freedom and express true and pure love to each other.
    Thank you DM for your witness of choosing God to reign in your own life. A beautiful and personal essay. You are an inspiration. God bless you.

      • I wanted to share an experience I had that may help others understand the nuances that God shares with one individual (through deep prayer) that may not be revealed the same way to others. I think today’s first reading by St. Paul confirms what I am about to write.

        Ever since puberty, when I first realized I had a same sex attraction. I felt a tremendous amount of guilt and shame that it was something I had done, or my parents had done that brought this about. I carried that unmerited guilt with me for 30 years. One day while deep in prayer in an Adoration Chapel suffering with the guilt and shame of it all, I was speaking to Christ in the Eucharist as I would a close friend.

        In a gentle way, a deep illumination penetrated my mind and soul. It wasn’t a voice or an inner locution just a very consoling transference in thought and deep understanding from the exposed Eucharist of the spiritual and physical reality of life on earth.

        The illumination that enlightened me was “It was nothing you did, or your parents did that you have a same sex attraction. …It is a product of original sin”

        In that moment, 30 years of guilt and shame left me and an inner peace and consolation flooded my senses and my entire soul. Was I more holy? More Loved? More desired? More deserving of that gift than anyone else…….I can assure you it was none of these. I was MOST needy.

        Granted, Same Sex Attraction is an incredibly complex issue…..but this simple answer I received was the most conducive to my healing at that moment in time. What Christ shared with me that day was the root of every disorder in creation and I remain eternally grateful for that simple answer and deep consolation to a complex issue.

      • I think that is very helpful. I often think of the story of the man born blind, when the apostles asked Jesus whose sins caused the man’s blindness: his or his parents?

        Christ’s answer cleared it all up: neither, but this was allowed so that God’s work might be made manifest in him.

        That brought me a similar peace as well when I first connected that with my same sex attraction.

  2. Dan I watched your appearance on Life on the Rock…..I was sincerely impressed with your level of confidence and for bringing to light an “alternative” (in today’s world) lifestyle of living a chaste existence. Thanks for your testimony to truth! I know you are fighting a fierce battle against the “norms” of modern society and I wanted you to know you are included in my daily prayers. A lyric in this song reminds me of evil’s intention. ….”Our cold and ruthless enemy, his pleasure is our harm” please don’t give up the battle!

  3. If I could choose a theme song for those seeking wholeness in their Same Sex Attraction that are still in the world searching and seeking wholeness. It would be this song with the powerful lyric “Friend of the poorest Heart.” Christ is the only one capable of filling and flooding the loneliness of the human heart with the fulfillment, satisfaction and joy that spills over into our fellow brothers and sisters. I pray more encounter Him and accept the embrace He is anxiously waiting to give to all.

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