Link: What the Church really needs to do about the “homosexual problem”

I stumbled on this article today on the interwebs. The article speaks about the great service the Church can provide to the world. I think it’s worth reading. The author begins with the subject most dear to my heart: the question of man’s sexual identity:

For far too long, there has been widespread confusion on what it is to be human. Without a solid foundation in what true humanity really is, people are left to flounder on this question. With 2000 years of philosophy and theology under its belt, the Catholic Church is certainly in a position to shed some light on the subject. One need not go deep into the bible to find the most basic answer. In the first pages of the first book of the Bible, we read that God created humanity, and he did so “in his image.” The human person is created by God, in the image of God. Just a few pages further into we read “man and woman he created them.” There you go. When it comes to sexual identity, there is only one distinction. You can either be a male human or a female human. Even when sexual disorders of the body are present, there is never a human being that is not either male or female. Every human person is either a male or a female. This sums up the entirety of sexual identity.

As males and females, human beings have sexual inclinations towards other human beings. These attractions, however, are not what constitute the identity of the males or females who feel them. They are feelings. Deep as they may be, they do not constitute the identity of a person any more than any other feeling can.


3 thoughts on “Link: What the Church really needs to do about the “homosexual problem”

  1. Oh my. Good article but I think the “masculine genius” idea is, well, genius.

    One note. To suggest that there is something wrong with reminding people that the acts are gravely sinful is, in my view, not helpful. I don’t say that it’s not helpful because it hurts my feelings. I say it because I’m a convert and I know that I wish people had warned me of grave dangers to my soul. I might have converted sooner. Remember, not everyone is the same. The decision to speak this truth or that truth should not be criticized, as long as it is, in fact, the truth.

    • Thanks for the comment. I certainly don’t agree with everything in the article. That’s the problem with linking to something I suppose without parsing out what one agrees with or disagrees with. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. We are all members of the Body of Christ,
    the Body of Christ is an earthen Vessel shattered by original sin.
    We are all broken pieces of that Sacred Vessel molded my the hands of God.
    Alone, as broken pieces, we are nothing!
    But…….United by Prayer and Sacrificial Love we become a unique, never before created, piece of the puzzle. Christ’s sacrifice on the cross reunites all the broken pieces of the Vessel filled with the Divine Grace and Divine Mercy God originally created. Beautiful and worthy in His eyes.

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