Robin Teresa Beck

Robin Teresa Beck is a beautiful and wonderful daughter of God. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know her over the past few years, ever since she gave her testimony at the Courage Conference a few years ago. She’s an author too, and wrote the book I Just Came For Ashes.

Here she tells the story of God’s redemption in her life. It’s a beautiful story of God’s faithfulness in the midst of our pain and woundedness.

You should buy her book!

Robin’s Story from Harvest Bible Church on Vimeo.


11 thoughts on “Robin Teresa Beck

  1. She has most certainly walked a long journey through the wilderness to a new life……Thank you and God Bless You for sharing this story of Hope!!!!! ;… )

  2. Merry Christmas Robin and Congrats!!! Thanks again Dan! Paul………I see that video everywhere ……I wonder if you’re responsible for it going global? God Bless All!

  3. Dan………you’ll probably “hold me accountable on the day of judgement” for this……..but….if I could post my very last “forbidden fruit”…?……discography………It would be this very Merry Christmas wish to you…..having tapped into all the “collective Spirit of Veritas” postings……I ran across this very enchanting composition……..and I would only want to add one lyric………….


  4. God Bless You once again Dan…….The Good Lord picked the right soul for this unveiling of VERITAS in relation to SSA through this rebuilding era of the new evangelization… heckuva beautiful word…..I love to read Paul David’s comments on your Love of this Divine Virtue. In New Orleans there is a large old Dominican Chuch named St Anthony of Padua in the Mid-City section of town on Canal Street. Emblazoned across the wall above the Dominican emblem and the ornate Baldacchino is (in Gold Letters) the Latin word “VERITAS”

    St Anthony of Padua is the Intercessory Patron Saint of regaining lost Virtue in New Orleans’ culture. During Hurricane Katrina the water rose to the very top of the very last step before entering the church. Small miracle, but not one inch of the carpet had to be replaced, or was soaked. I attended the noon Mass there daily, I knew the Pastor well, he was from Columbia…….

    We shared a small joke between us……”Not even a Hurricane the size of Australia could blow away ‘the TRUTH’…” ……and so it is with “Letters to Christopher”……Congrats, and once again Merry Christmas!!!!!! I wish you many more!

    One very consoling call from my friends in my former home told me that Brazilian Catholics are pouring into New Orleans rebuilding and bringing their solid Catholic Faith with them….St. Anthony’s now has masses in Portuguese….

    I hope you translate “Desire of the Everlasting Hills” into this beautiful language as they help bring their rich Catholic heritage to this old Catholic city…..I am sure many of these new immigrants will take delight in this excellent, very well produced film.

  5. Merry Christmas Dan! Your blog has helped positively reinforce my own beliefs as a chaste single individual with SSA that leads a life of prayer and devotion in my Roman Catholic Faith. I was overjoyed to find it online, it reinforced my intuitive spiritual assessment of what’s attacking TRUTH in the secular world. I write this with much gratitude.

    Pete319……I was in New Orleans for a week last October. I thought the World Cup was being played with all the Brazilian flags flying in that city………I wonder if Our Lady of Fatima is planning a visit?

    Paul…..although it is “forbidden fruit” to play the music, it has reinforced the visual image in my mind of certain issues…so it really is the “Sweetest Taboo”……..ha!ha! With apologies to Dan and of course Sade.

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