Conference Announcement

I have been very busy recently helping to create a conference that will address issues of same sex attraction and Catholicism. The official announcement has happened, and a poster for the event is now available for downloading.

I’m very excited about this–it will truly be an international affair, and the line up of speakers is very impressive, with more being added daily. I think this is desperately needed at this point in our Church’s history.

Please pray for this event, and if you do pastoral work as a priest, religious or work within a diocese with those who live with same sex attraction, please consider coming. The registration process will be available on March 1.

SSA Flier-page-001


6 thoughts on “Conference Announcement

  1. The speaker line up is awesome! It is only opened to those listed in the flier though? Any chance they will open to more people or will it be available by video? This would be a great event to simulcast. Praying for this conference and everyone involved!

    • Thanks for the question. The conference is limited to just those listed on the flier, primarily due to the venue limitations. But there is talk about recording the talks and providing either video or audio links to the talks. Plans are ongoing, and the list of speakers is still being added to. Thanks for your encouraging comments!

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