Drew Mariani Interview

I was on the Drew Mariani Show a couple of days ago.

Here’s the link, if you’d like to hear what I had to say. I responded a bit to the same-sex marriage ruling, but talked a lot about other topics too. I show up around 20 minutes or so.


2 thoughts on “Drew Mariani Interview

  1. I listened to your talk with Drew Mariani this morning and the part of the program where you discussed being compassionate to same sex couples while at the same time knowing they’re on the wrong road to true fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness (I’m of course paraphrasing your talk as best I can remember the actual words you spoke) triggered a memory of something I heard Mother Angelica speak about years ago.

    She and some of her sisters were at a large media convention held for all types of media. At the end of the convention Mother Angelica and her sisters walked over to Larry Flynt ‘ s Hustler Magazine’s booth with a very joyful attitude and talked with the them while handing them her card stamped with EWTN. She knew how not to judge others but cast a very large tightly woven net to fish for all souls living a deceptive lifestyle but are searching for true fulfillment in Christ (they just haven’t quite figured out what would satiate their desires). She seized the opportunity to invite them to a higher level.

    The just man falls seven times a day but God searches out the most lost and those that have fallen the hardest. I think a true discipline of Christ rejects no one, but embraces all. With good discernment through the Holy Spirit, but no judgement, we can win over many for Christ. Thank you for your contributions to this needed ministry. I must admit that I too am seeing some Priests I know personally that have embraced the Supreme Court decision on Gay marriage and have spoken out against the Pope. I feel like a Soldier that has suffered a blow to morale with their dissension from the uncompromisable Eternal Truth (they are doing no one favors but adding to the confusion of their own personal agenda, it’s so painfully obvious) I pray they turn away from their deep Spiritual ignorance.

    • With what I wrote above about Priests that are not embracing the Eternal Truth of human sexuality, I should give thanks for the 99.9% of Priests that have an undivided heart and Love the Lord so much that they will never waver and always stand on solid rock. I know many that would lay down their lives to preserve the Church’s teachings. As the old saying goes, “If you don’t stand for something based in solid truth, you’ll fall for anything” unfortunately, it’s sometimes seems a third of the stars in our country have fallen, I hope better education on human sexuality reaches today’s youth before more of them get swept away in this age of massive confusion.

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