The Birth Pains of Mothers

I often hear from parents who are greatly troubled by the poor choices their sons or daughters have made.

I tell them that usually the birthing pains of a spiritual birth are far more painful–yet like the pains of physical labor of a mother, all of them are forgotten when their son or daughter is born again.

I tell them to think often of their tears and sorrow for their child like St. Monica’s tears.

And today, in reading something from St. Francis de Sales, he said much the same thing.

I hope this can be an encouragement to any parents who are still waiting for their child to come Home.

Thus St. Monica, with so much fervour and constancy, fought against the evil inclinations of her son, St. Augustine, that having followed him by sea and land, she made him more happily the child of her tears by the conversion of his soul, than he had been of her blood by the generation of his body.


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