Papal Theologian on Gay Identity

I have a new essay up at First Things about the interview embedded below.  Below you can find a transcript I made of the pertinent sections of the interview.

There is a longstanding tradition in the Holy See, from the Middle Ages, that there is a Dominican within the Papal Court, or within the Holy See, with the task and the office of the Papal Theologian.  It used to be known as the Master of the Sacred Palace.  And the most important mission that I have here is that all the speeches which are written for the Pope, before the Pope receives them, they have to be checked and within the procedure of the speechwriting, the Papal Theologian has to ensure that the text is acceptable.  And then of course the Holy Father is free to ad. lib., to add, to change, to drop, but nevertheless the idea is that what he’s given, what is prepared for him, is also theologically correct, and so that’s the reason why I live here in the Apostolic Palace.  And my mission is basically that.  Of course there are other things which I am doing as well, but that is the fundamental reason. Continue reading