Fr. Paul Check Interview

The National Catholic Register has a new interview with Fr. Paul Check, head of the Courage Apostolate, that is well worth a read.

An excerpt:

Courage is an apostolate of the Church. In a practical, concrete and personal way it is an expression of the Church’s pastoral charity toward  men and women who have a homosexual inclination, and to their parents, spouses or other family members.


The work of Courage is to enflesh the Gospel message in a particular group of people with a certain understanding of themselves and in those who love this group of people.

The word most closely associated with the Catholic Church and homosexuality in the civil order and within the Church is the word “No.” It is true, an erotic attraction to a member of the same sex cannot be acted upon. The Church does say “No” to that.


Yet the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Gospel of “Yes” — yes to all people, yes to a universal invitation to the fullness of life in Christ, while understanding that Jesus told us that there are some actions that are incompatible with that new life.



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